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  1. Add space on the right side of chart

    Charts (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can add a space on the right side of the chart if you wish. You can adjust the width and place objects in the open space. Here we will look at how to add a space on the right side of the chart on MT4/MT5.
  2. Adjust chart scale

    Charts (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can adjust the chart scale to show the part you want to see. If you move the horizontal time axis left and right, the scale on the vertical axis will change accordingly. Use this feature for chart analysis.
  3. Arrange chart windows

    Charts (PC)
    Here we'll look at how to arrange the chart windows on MT4/MT5. In MT4/MT5, there are 4 ways to display multiple charts simultaneously: Tile Windows, Cascade, Tile Horizontally, and Tile Vertically.
  4. Change chart colors

    Charts (PC)
    There are three basic color schemes for MetaTrader4 (MT4) and four for MetaTrader5 (MT5). You can quickly change the chart colors using these schemes, and also customize the colors of each element, such as candlesticks and background. Here we will look at how to change chart colors in MT4/MT5.
  5. Change chart type

    Charts (PC)
    Here we'll look at how to change the chart type on MT4/MT5. You can choose from three chart types: bar chart, candlesticks, and line chart. When displaying multiple chart screens, you can switch the chart type for every chart.
  6. Change timeframe

    Charts (PC)
    There are 9 different timeframes in MT4, and 21 in MT5. You can change timeframes from the menu, the toolbar, and the chart. Here we will look at how to change them on MT4/MT5.
  7. If you can't see chart

    Charts (PC)
    The chart won't be displayed if MetaTrader4 (MT4) / MetaTrader5 (MT5) fails to acquire its price information. This may occur when you're not properly logged in, your internet connection is unstable, or the chart symbol is not being offered when you switch accounts.
  8. Load template

    Charts (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can open templates that you saved. Perfect for when using multiple MT4/MT5 for different brokers or using premade templates. Simply save the template file in your folder to apply it to your chart.
  9. Open new chart

    Charts (PC)
    Here we'll look at how to open a new chart on MT4/MT5. You can open a new chart by selecting a symbol from the menu, toolbar, or Market Watch. If you wish to change the symbol of an existing chart, drag the symbol from the Market Watch to the chart.
  10. Print a chart image

    Charts (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can save and print chart images. You can print in both black/white and color. If you wish to print out your image in color, you'll need to adjust the settings on MT4/MT5 beforehand.


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