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  1. Change language

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we will look at how to change the language on MT4/MT5. MT4/MT5 support a total of 39 and 52 languages respectively, including English, Japanese, and Chinese. After changing the display language, you will need to restart MT4/MT5.
  2. Change password

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we'll look at how to change passwords on MT4/MT5. There are 2 types of passwords for MT4/MT5.
  3. Change screen resolution

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    MT5 is available in 6 different resolutions from 640x360 to 3840x2160. If the selected resolution is bigger than the current display, the setting won't be applied.
  4. Change sound settings

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we'll look at how to change the sound settings on MT4/MT5. On MT4/MT5, you can use the default audio or your own audio file to customize your sound settings. Each sound can be muted as well.
  5. Check trading conditions

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    You can check the trading conditions for each symbol on MT4/ MT5. The conditions include contract size, decimal points indicating point value, order size, margins, swap points, trading time, and more.
  6. Check your MT4/MT5 version

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we'll look over the steps on how to check the version of the MT4/MT5 app. You can check the version, build, and last update to see if your MT4/MT5 app is up to date.
  7. Customize timeframe toolbar

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can customize the timeframe displayed on the toolbar. On MT4, you can add frequently used timeframes on the toolbar to toggle between 9 different timeframes with a single click.
  8. Customize toolbar buttons

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    You can customize the buttons on the toolbar in MT4 / MT5 to increase your efficiency. Here we'll look at how to customize the buttons on the toolbars.
  9. Default values on the new order window

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we will look at how to set default values on the new order window in MT4/MT5. You can adjust the default settings for symbol, volume, and deviation on the new order window.
  10. MetaTrader default screen

    MetaTrader basics (PC)
    Here we'll take a look at some of the tools available on the default screen when you first start MT4/MT5. The display settings and locations of these tools can be customized to your liking.


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