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  1. Add Bollinger Bands to chart

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display the Bollinger Bands. It consists of a set of trendlines plotted based on the standard deviations above and below a moving average of the price, which lets you see the volatility at a glance.
  2. Add Ichimoku Cloud to chart

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display the Ichimoku Cloud. The 5 indexes (Base line, Conversion line, Leading span A, Leading span B, and Lagging span) help traders determine when the market will move next.
  3. Add RSI to chart

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display the Relative Strength Index (RSI). It measures the magnitude of recent price changes to evaluate overbought or oversold conditions in the price.
  4. Add moving average to chart

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display Moving Average (MA). MA is the most frequently used technical analysis method. There are several types of MAs including the Simple Moving Average (SMA) as well as the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), which is used when you want to focus on the most recent price.
  5. Add on-balance volume to chart

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display the On-balance volume (OBV). This volume-based indicator helps you determine trends with a simple calculation that only adds or subtracts the volume.
  6. Backtest Expert Advisor (EA)

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    You can perform backtests on automated trading programs known as Expert Advisor (EA) using MT4/MT5's Strategy Tester feature. Here we will look at how to perform Expert Advisor (EA) backtests on MT4/MT5.
  7. Change language on MetaEditor

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    MT4/MT5's MetaEditor supports a total of 33 and 52 languages respectively. After changing the display language, you will need to restart MetaEditor, which is a tool for developing Expert Advisors (EA) on MT4/MT5.
  8. Create Expert Advisor (EA)

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you use a programming tool called MetaEditor and a dedicated language called MQL4 or MQL5 to create an Expert Advisor (EA).
  9. Create indicator

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    If you wish to create an indicator on MT4/MT5, you can do so by using a tool called MetaEditor, which uses a special programming language for MT4/MT5 called MQL4/MQL5.
  10. Delete multiple objects at once

    EA, indicators & objects (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can delete multiple lines and other objects on the chart at once.


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