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Backtest Expert Advisor (EA)

You can perform backtests on automated trading programs known as Expert Advisor (EA) using MetaTrader5 (MT5)'s Strategy Tester feature. The backtest takes historical data from MT5 and runs the Expert Advisor (EA) program within a given period to simulate its performance. Here we'll take a look at how to perform Expert Advisor (EA) backtests in MT5.

Step 1

Click "View" in the menu and select "Strategy Tester". (Shortcut keys : "Ctrl"+"R")

Select Strategy Tester Select Strategy Tester

Step 2

The "Overview" tab of the Strategy Tester will open. Select "Single", "Visualize", or "Stress & Delays".

Backtest items Backtest items


Item name




Backtest the Expert Advisor (EA) with basic settings.



Use the visual mode to perform backtesting while displaying trades on the chart.


Stress & Delays

Perform backtests by delaying execution and generating slippage.

point Settings can be changed midway

Default settings will change based on which icon you select. You can also change these settings individually from the "Settings" tab and recreate settings of other icons as well.

Step 3

Click the "Settings" tab and set the conditions for backtesting.

Backtest settings Backtest settings


Item name




Select the Expert Advisor (EA) to backtest.



Select the symbol.



Select the timeframe.



Select the period for backtesting.
Entire history: Backtest for the entire period where historical data exists.
Last month: Backtest from one month before the current date.
Last year: Backtest from one year before the current date.
Custom period: Backtest for the specified period.



Select the time to delay executions.
Zero latency, ideal execution: No delay.
〇 ms (last ping to your server is 〇 ms): Delay for the transmission time with the broker server as measured by your MT5.
1-1000 ms: Delay for a selected amount of seconds among 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, or 1000 milliseconds.
Random delay: Delay for a random amount of seconds.
Custom delay: Delay specified in milliseconds.



Select the historical data model to be used for backtesting.
Every tick: Use the ticks generated by MT5 based on 1-minute OHLC.
Every tick based on real ticks: Use the broker's real ticks for the logged-in account.
1 minute OHLC: Use the 1-minute Open, High, Low, and Close prices.
Open prices only: Use the open prices of the selected timeframe.
Math calculations: Select this option if you want to use the Strategy Tester for calculations. This is not for backtesting.



Select the initial account balance and currency.



Select the leverage.



Select the optimization method. Leave the default "Disabled" as it is not used for normal backtesting.


Visual mode with the display of charts, indicators, and trades

Check this box if you use the visual mode.

point Historical data model affects accuracy and efficiency

If you choose "Every tick" or "Every tick based on real ticks", the accuracy of the backtest will increase because these two contain the most amount of data. If you wish to perform a quick backtest, choose "1 minute OHLC" or "Open prices only" which contain fewer data. If you wish to analyze the Expert Advisor (EA) performance thoroughly, you should use "Every tick" or "Every tick based on real ticks".

Step 4

Click the "Inputs" tab and set the values for the Expert Advisor (EA) parameters.

Expert Advisor (EA) parameters Expert Advisor (EA) parameters
point Customize parameters

By default, the values set in the Expert Advisor (EA) program will be displayed, but you can change these accordingly. Adjustable parameters vary by Expert Advisor (EA), but in most cases, you can change the T/P, S/L, trade time, and other technical indicators used in the Expert Advisor (EA) program.

Step 5

Click "Start" to start backtesting.

Start backtest Start backtest

Step 6

The backtest result will be in the "Backtest" tab. Also, the "Graph" tab shows the change in the account balance and equity, as the blue and green lines respectively.

Backtest result Backtest result

The backtest result can be saved in two formats, "Open XML" and "HTML".

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 : 2022.10.28


Last updated

 : 2022.10.28


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