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We provide the original tools for comparison and analysis to facilitate trading. You can learn the accurate trading conditions.

Myforex lab Engineer Team collects trade information of retail brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world 24/7, and provides the original tools for comparison and analysis to facilitate trading.

The development team consisting of approximately 20 engineers, including MetaQuotes certified engineers, constantly monitors market information and strives to provide users with accurate and easy-to-understand information.


Real-time spread comparison

Compare spreads of major retail brokers in real time

We deliver the real-time spreads for all instruments offered by each broker for each account type. The minimum, maximum, and periodic averages for each of the three major market hours (Japan, Europe, and the US) are aggregated for each market.

All spreads accurately take into account the trading commissions that each broker assigns to each account type, so you can check the accurate spread you are paying for when you trade on graphs and charts.


Volatility analysis

Visualize volatility

We visualize volatility as a measure of daily market activity.

You can check the fluctuations of major forex and CFD products traded in the market for one month, three months, six months, and one year on graphs and data.


Swap point comparison

Compare buy and sell swap values by symbol

We aggregate the swap values of all instruments offered by each broker.

Buy and sell swap values are aggregated on a daily, weekly (average), and monthly (average) basis, allowing you to check the best swap points at a glance.


Market rates & charts

Deliver prices for all instruments offered by each broker

We deliver the price charts for all instruments offered by each broker. You can check the ask and bid prices and tick charts for all account types of each broker.

The price chart allows you to compare the current prices offered by brokers. By comparing the prices of different brokers, you can check the trading specifications in real time, such as delivery delays and spread differences.



Providing in-house developed indicators for MT4/MT5

We develop the original useful indicators for MetaTrader4/5, and provide them free of charge to Myforex members.

Two types of indicators are provided: the "trend type", which aims to identify the overall trend of the market, and the "oscillator type", which aims to detect the strength of the current trend and the magnitude and signs of changes such as overheating. These can be used according to your trading style. In addition, we also provide "auxiliary tools" that are useful for trading.


Trading calculators

Calculation tool to help you trade

Calculation features useful for trading. We provide three types of calculation features: "pips Calculator", "Margin Calculator", and "Swap Simulation".

The trading calculator reflects the real-time prices of each broker and can calculate accurate figures.



Share your trade data with many traders. Participate in contests and events.

Myforex provides a marketplace that transcends the boundaries of brokers, with the "portfolio feature" that analyzes and aggregates daily trade performances and makes them public, as well as various traders communities, events, and contests.

Connect with traders around the world to find new tips that will lead you to win.


Get information

We collect the latest market information to deliver news and retail broker information around the world.

The Myforex lab Marketing and Creative Team constantly collects the latest market information and delivers news and the latest market trends around the world. It also provides a knowledge base of tool usage, financial terminology, etc. that are essential for trading.

Expert research staff and skilled writing staff provide the content with clear explanations.


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