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Privacy policy

MYFOREX INVESTMENT LLC (the “Company”) strongly reaffirms the importance of the protection of personal information and pays full attention to treatment of personal information of customers who use the services of the Company (a “Customer” or the “Customers”). This Privacy Policy (this “Privacy Policy”) is provided to set forth how the Company acquires, uses, discloses, transfers, or retains the personal information of the Customers.

Article 1 (Scope of Application)

  1. This Privacy Policy, as well as the terms of use of the Company’s services and other accompanying rules or guidelines, applies between the Company and the Customers. If any individual policy other than this Privacy Policy is provided for a service (the “Individual Policy”), such Individual Policy also applies to the use of the service. In the event of inconsistency between this Privacy Policy and the Individual Policy, the provisions of the Individual Policy shall prevail.
  2. Links to external websites may be provided on the website or in e-mail magazines operated by the Company. However, this Privacy Policy does not apply to, and the Company is not responsible for, the treatment of personal information provided on such external websites. With regard to the treatment of personal information provided on external websites, please check the privacy policies provided for the websites.

Article 2 (Acquired Information)

The Company may acquire the following information (the “Acquired Information”).

  1. Information acquired directly from the Customers

    The Company may acquire, directly from the Customers upon user registration for its services, and retain the following information:

    1. Full name, age, date of birth, gender, birthplace, residential address, personal history, phone number, e-mail address;
    2. Profile image, customer ID, user name or nickname used for the services;
    3. Credit card information, broker information, transaction bank account number, password; and
    4. Other information related to the Customers that are designated by the Company.
  2. Information on devices

    If a Customer uses the services of the Company on a device or mobile device, the Company may acquire the terminal identifier, mobile terminal identifier, and IP address of such device or mobile device. Moreover, the Company may acquire information, including the type of the device, full name, residential address, phone number, e-mail address, or user name, that are linked to the device.

  3. Information on location

    If a Customer uses the services of the Company on a device or mobile device, the Company may acquire information regarding the current location of the Customer.

  4. Information provided by vendors, including payment information

    If a Customer uses a third-party payment service provider (including, but not limited to, Amazon Services International, Inc., Apple Inc., and Google Inc.) to make payments for the services of the Company, the Company may be provided with, by the payment service provider, and acquire the information furnished by the Customer to the payment service provider, such as billing and payment information, to the extent allowed under the privacy policy of the payment service provider (in this case, the Company uses the Acquired Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy).
    Moreover, the Company may be provided with, by the vendors which the Company cooperates with for its services, and acquire the information of the Customers obtained by the vendors, to the extent allowed under the privacy policy of the vendor (in this case, the Company uses the Acquired Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy).

  5. Information related to customer support

    If a Customer receives customer support from the Company, the Company may acquire information, such as the contact information provided by the Customer (normally, but not limited to, full name and e-mail address) or information exchanged in the course of the customer support.

  6. Information related to usage status of the Customers

    The Company may acquire information related to the Customers’usage status of the services.

  7. Function of communication

    If, in the course of the services provided by the Company, a Customer communicates with other Customers or shares his/her information with other Customers, the Company may record and retain the contents and information of such communication (including texts, user profiles, portfolio information, messages, photographs, pictures, sound, videos, applications, or other content that provides information).

  8. Information acquired by using cookies, etc.

    The Company may use log files, including cookies, and acquire information on devices as set forth in (b) above, as well as other information, including the browser type and language used by a Customer, referring or exit page, type of platform, number of clicks, domain name, landing page, number of browsed pages, the order of browsing, URL of each webpage, and browsing time for specific pages. For details, please refer to the Cookie Policy.

Article 3 (Purpose of Use of Acquired Information)

The Company will use the Acquired Information for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of the services of the Company, identity verification, and authentication;
  2. Billing of fees and cash back;
  3. Implementation of a questionnaire, marketing research, statistics, or analysis;
  4. Implementation of a prize competition or campaign;
  5. Provision of customer support or response to inquiries from the Customers;
  6. Development, maintenance, and improvement of products or services of the Company;
  7. Planning, production, and provision of advertisements of products or services of the Company or third parties; and
  8. Other purposes set forth for each service of the Company.

Article 4 (Provision to Third Parties)

  1. The Company outsources the treatment of the Acquired Information to P2 TECH PTE LTD, which is a group company of the Company and located in Singapore, to the extent required for system development and achievement of the purpose of use of the Acquired Information.
  2. In addition to the provisions in the preceding paragraph, the Company may provide the Acquired Information to a third party in the case of any of the following events:
    1. if provision of the information to a third party is not restricted under laws and regulations;
    2. if the relevant Customer gives consent to disclose information (in the event the third party is located abroad, if the Customer gives consent to disclose information to a third party located abroad);
    3. if provision of the information to a third party is in accordance with laws and regulations;
    4. if, in the event of a need to protect a human life, body or asset, or a special need to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children, it is difficult to obtain consent from the Customer; or
    5. if, in the event it is required to cooperate with national or local public authorities or a person commissioned thereby in pursuing their duties under laws and regulations, obtaining consent from the Customer may impede the implementation of the duties.

Article 5 (Management of Acquired Information)

The Company takes reasonable, administrative, technical, and physical measures to prevent loss, fraudulent use, misuse, as well as illegal access, disclosure, alteration, and corruption of the Acquired Information. Moreover, to maintain the safety of the Customers’ personal information, the Company conveys to its employees the guidelines on privacy and safety and ensures that necessary internal measures are taken for privacy protection.

Article 6 (Access to Acquired Information)

  1. The Company will respond, in good faith and in accordance with laws and regulations, to a Customer’s request for disclosure of the Acquired Information, modification of, addition to, deletion of the content, or suspension of use or elimination thereof.
  2. The Company may ask a Customer for identity verification before responding to a request from the Customer.
  3. The Company may refuse a request that is unreasonably repeated, that requires excessive technical efforts, that may be detrimental to privacy of other persons, that is significantly unrealistic, or to which is not required to respond under laws and regulations.

Article 7 (Destruction of Acquired Information)

The Company may discard the Acquired Information without notice to or consent from the Customers when the Company reasonably determines the information is unnecessary in light of its normal business operation. The Company shall not be responsible for any prejudice suffered by the Customers as a result of the destruction of the Acquired Information.

Article 8 (Inquiries regarding This Privacy Policy)

For any questions or inquires regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us using the inquiry forms provided on the Company’s website or via the following; however, the inquiry method specified for each service (if any) prevails and should be used.

Georgia, Tbilisi, Chughureti district, Iv. Javakhishvili str., N91, apt. 2b
E-mail address:
[email protected]

Article 9 (Revision of This Privacy Policy)

The Company may update this Privacy Policy. All material revisions of this Privacy Policy will be posted in the Company’s website together with the latest version of this Privacy Policy. Revisions of this Privacy Policy shall take effect when it is posted on this website.

Enactment: 05 December 2022


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