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What's Myforex

What’s Myforex

We provide information useful for traders that cannot be distributed by brokers alone,
and a social market for sharing trading performances

We are a forex information media that provides accurate and impartial information based on numerical data and market information

Myforex is a forex information media that provides information based on original numerical data collected by ourselves and objective information on the market.

We operate under the policy that we provide transparent information to traders by eliminating as much as possible subjective information and articles that recommend certain investment methods or brokers.


Our goal is to create a social marketplace where traders can exchange information beyond the boundaries of location or broker

Today, many traders can access the broker of their choice and open an account online, no matter which country it is located in.

In such an environment where users choose their investment environment based on their own judgment, we believe that the information exchanged among traders would be more valuable to traders than the information distributed by the media or specific individuals.

Myforex aims to create a marketplace where traders with proven trading records can casually exchange information with each other by introducing a system that allows traders to show investment experiences.

Information is based on the same numerical data provided to traders

Numerical information such as spreads and swap points is provided based on the data collected from trading tools that traders often use, such as MetaTrader. Therefore, you can compare the actual values that end-users use when trading.

We also collect the latest broker information constantly, and calculate and publish values including the costs and commissions necessary for trading, so that you can use them practically when you trade.


The information on portfolio is your trade information. No personal information will be disclosed

For the data used to gather information for portfolio, your trade data will be retrieved and shown via MetaTrader server.

In this process, we will collect your trade information, but we will not disclose any personally identifiable information (name/account ID). In Myforex communities, you use nickname for information exchange.

Team Myforex

At Myforex, we provide accurate and impartial information to traders through "Myforex lab", which consists of experienced engineers and specialized creative staff.

Myforex lab engineer team

Myforex lab engineer team collects trading information of retail brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc. all over the world 24/7, aggregates trading specifications, and distributes them to traders. At Myforex lab, a development and operation team consisting of about 20 engineers, including MetaQuotes certified engineers, constantly monitors market information, striving to provide users with accurate and easy-to-understand information and original tools useful for trading.


In order to make a profit, the specification of your broker is important. For example, are the spreads advantageous over other brokers? How is the trading fee system? If I hold a position, will I get the positive swap? How vulnerable is the trading server? In order to provide such information, which is not usually provided by brokers, accurately comparing with many brokers, Myforex lab strives to provide neutral and objective information.

Use our impartial information without arbitrary interference as resources for choosing the most suitable broker for your trading and for verifying the accuracy of the broker you are using.

Myforex lab marketing and creative team

Myforex lab marketing and creative team constantly collects the latest market information and delivers news and the latest market trends around the world. At Myforex lab, a database of knowledge bases such as trading tool user guides and financial terms, which are indispensable for trading, is provided by expert research staff and skilled writing staff.


Institutional investors and fund managers who are constantly required to make a profit are said to always keep an eye on trends and news of global market information and have their own winning formula. This is the same with individual investors, and many profitable traders have the most effective means of profiting supported by the essential knowledge for trading and their own valuable sources of information.

At Myforex lab, we provide useful information to individual investors, offering the basic knowledge of trading, how to use tools, and the global news, as well as distributing unbiased articles based on our research. Take advantage of Myforex's knowledge base and accurate news sources to increase your profits.


Mr. Gruber


Myforex is a social media
to visualize and share your trading performance.

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All information and content provided on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit any investment. Although all efforts are made in order to ensure that the information is correct, no guarantee is provided for the accuracy of any content on this website. Any decision made shall be the responsibility of the investor and Myforex does not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding the use of any information provided herein.

The content provided on this website belongs to Myforex and, where stated, the relevant licensors. All rights are reserved by Myforex and the relevant licensors, and no content of this website, whether in full or in part, shall be copied or displayed elsewhere without the explicit written permission of the relevant copyright holder. If you wish to use any part of the content provided on this website, please ensure that you contact Myforex.

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