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  1. Change or cancel pending order

    Orders (PC)
    Here, we'll take a look at how to change or cancel limit/stop orders on MT4/MT5, as well as stop-limit orders on MT5. You can change the price, expiration date, etc., as long as the order hasn't been executed yet.
  2. Close a position at market price

    Orders (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, unlike limit orders, you can't specify a price when placing market orders because market orders use the current rate. The order gets executed as soon as it reaches the market, so the order will go through faster than a limit order.
  3. Close hedged positions simultaneously

    Orders (PC)
    When holding hedged positions in MT4/MT5, you can close both positions simultaneously paying less spread than closing positions individually, which is referred to as close by.
  4. Close positions or delete pending orders in bulk

    Orders (PC)
    On MetaTrader5 (MT5), you can close multiple positions or delete multiple pending orders in bulk. The positions and pending orders for bulk operations can be specified by symbol, order type, and others. Here we'll take a look at how to close positions or delete pending orders in bulk in MT5.
  5. Enable one-click trading

    Orders (PC)
    To use the one-click trading feature on MT4/MT5, you must first enable it. One-click trading can be set from the trading panel or the context menu of charts.
  6. Open Depth of Market

    Orders (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can display the Depth of Market window. The depth of market data helps you grasp the market liquidity, showing the amount of buy and sell orders by price.
  7. Open the new order window

    Orders (PC)
    Here we will look at these five ways to open the new order window on MT4/MT5. You can access the new order window in five ways: the toolbar, menu, chart, Market Watch, or a keyboard shortcut.
  8. Partially close a position

    Orders (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can close parts of your positions across multiple orders to secure profits or cut losses.
  9. Place If-Done-OCO order

    Orders (PC)
    Here we will look at how to place an If-Done-OCO order on MT4/MT5. On MT4/MT5, you can place If-Done-OCO orders, which are used to secure profits or cut losses when placing new limit/stop/stop-limit orders.
  10. Place limit/stop order on the Depth of Market

    Orders (PC)
    On MT4/MT5, you can quickly place orders on the Depth of Market window. You can also set stop-loss (S/L) and take-profit (T/P) values. Please note that if you wish to place an order from the Depth of Market window, you must have one-click order enabled.


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