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Traders Trust

Traders Trust is a Forex broker founded in 2009 based in Cyprus. Due to the tightening of regulations by the Cyprus financial authorities, services other than those for Europe have been transferred to a company based in Bermuda. This makes it possible to provide high leverage and bonuses as before.

Despite its long operation history, it is not well known, although it has gradually been gaining popularity for the last several years as it focused on strengthening its services and actively providing promotions such as bonuses and trading contests. Customer satisfaction is high due to the attentive support, and on the consumer review site, Trustpilot, they scored 4.6 out of 5 points.

Traders Trust offers three account types (Classic, Pro, and VIP), and the average spread of Standard account is on the large side, with USD/JPY 2.0pips and EUR/USD 1.7pips. Pro account has a medium level spread with USD/JPY 0.6pips and EUR/USD 0.4pips, and the transaction fee as low as $ 3 (USD) per lot, allowing traders to trade with a relatively low transaction cost. Traders Trust offers a full range of services for large traders with large funds, and VIP account that requires a deposit of $ 20,000 (USD) or more has the same spread as Pro account, but the transaction fee is among the lowest in the industry of $ 1.5 (USD) per lot.

Traders Trust's promotions offer incentives such as deposit and cashback bonuses with attractive conditions for high-trading users. Regarding deposit bonuses, a 100% bonus will be given with a deposit of $ 300 (USD) or more, and sometimes a 200% deposit bonus is held for a limited period. These bonuses can also be redeemed for withdrawable account balances once the specified number of lots has been reached. In addition, as there is a cashback bonus, which offers cashback according to the trading volume if it exceeds10 lots or more per day, they welcome traders to actively trade. It has the disadvantage that the conditions for transferring bonuses to the account balance are hard to meet, but it is a Forex broker that can be used at a good cost for users with a large amount of trading.

Another feature of Traders Trust is its emphasis on transparency and fairness in trading. Traders Trust uses a 100% STP method, meaning no transactions are dealt through dealing desks, achieving a fair trading environment. Furthermore, it has an average execution speed of 0.13 seconds, and because of its high trade specs, it is a Forex broker that is favored by intermediate to advanced users rather than beginner users.

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  1. Fair trading environment with 100% STP method
  2. The larger the trade volume, the higher the bonus amount
  3. Fast execution speed
  4. Many Cryptocurrency products


  1. The conditions for receiving bonuses are complicated and hard to meet
  2. MT5 is not provided
  3. Few CFD products
  4. Slightly larger spread

Operating Company

Company name:
TTCM Traders Capital Limited, TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited
Head office address:
5th Floor, Andrew's Place, 51 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda
Financial supervisor:
[TTCM Traders Capital Limited] None (Corporate Registration in Bermuda Monetary Authority)
[TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited] Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license number SD141

Customer Service

Website language:
[Asia] Japanese, Simplified Chinese
[Europe and America] Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
[Middle East, Africa] Arabic
Trading platform:
English support:
Email, Support Chat
Business hours:
Weekdays 24 hours
Email address:
[email protected]
Phone number:
(+44) 203-129-5899

Trading Rules

Roll over:
0:00 (Server time)
Margin call:
When the margin maintenance rate falls below 80%
Loss cut:
When the margin maintenance rate falls below 50%
Matched order:
EA restrictions:
Request for additional margin:
None (If the margin becomes negative, zero cut will be performed)
Funds management:
Managed in a segregated bank account
Bankruptcy compensation:
Full deposit compensation is not guaranteed

Conditions for Each Account Type

Trading platform:
Brokerage model:
STP method
Spread method:
Variable spreads
Trading account currency:
Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro, Pound
Maximum leverage:
[TTCM Traders Capital Limited] 1:3,000
[TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited] 1:30
Initial minimum deposit:
[Classic] $ 50 (USD)
[Pro] $ 2,000 (USD)
[VIP] $ 20,000 (USD)
Lot size:
100,000 units
Minimum order size:
0.01 lot
Maximum order size:
1,000 lots
Maximum open orders:
350,000 lots

[FX/Currency Pair]: 52
[CFD/Metals]: 9
[CFD/Indices]: 9
[CFD/Energy]: 2
[CFD/Cryptocurrencies]: 8

Available trading hours:
(Monday) 0:05 am - (Friday) 11:59 pm (Server time)
Transaction fees:
[Standard] None
[Pro] $ 3 (USD)
[VIP] $ 1.5 (USD)(*1)
Account maintenance fee:
Holding multiple accounts:
GMT time difference:
[MT4] Daylight saving time: +3 hours, Winter time: +2 hours

(*1)This is the fee per order (One way).

Official Website
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