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Zoomex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Cayman Islands. Led by CEO Amos Zirger, who resides in Singapore, the company specializes in derivatives trading. Although the office is only located in Singapore, staff members are working in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Dubai, and other countries.

Despite being a new exchange established in 2021, Zoomex's overall trading conditions are excellent. The main derivatives trading (USDT perpetual contracts) offers more than 200 instruments, with a maximum leverage of 1:150. Trading fees are competitive with major exchanges. As for the safety of the trading environment, negative balance protection is provided to limit your loss.

Regarding the security of assets, we confirmed directly with Zoomex that "Zoomex uses the industry's best multi-signature cold wallet to protect client assets." By storing assets offline, the company can eliminate the risk of security incidents.

Other notable features include the fact that the company is actively distributing bonuses and does not require identity verification (KYC). Bonuses offered vary from time to time, such as "200 USDT first deposit bonus", "Up to 20 USD worth of welcome bonus (no deposit required)", "Trading competition with a prize pool of 7 million USD", and "Trading contest with a prize pool of up to 400,000 USDT" in the past.

Official Website


  1. Generous bonuses
  2. No identity verification required
  3. Frequent promos
  4. Wide choice of cryptocurrencies
  5. Unique services


  1. Must hold a crypto
  2. Lack of history
  3. Low maximum leverage

Operating Company

Company name:
Head office address:
Financial supervisor:

Customer Service

Website language:

[Asia] Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

[Europe and America] English, German, Russian, Spanish

Trading platform:
Original tool
English support:
Email, Support Chat
Business hours:

[Email support] 365 days 24 hours

[Chat support] 365days 9:00 am - 2:00 am (Japan time)

Email address:
[email protected]
Phone number:

Trading Rules

Roll over:
4:00 pm, 0:00 am, 8:00 am (UTC)(*1)
Margin call:
Loss cut:
If the available margin falls below the maintenance margin(*2)
Matched order:
EA restrictions:
Not Permitted
Request for additional margin:
Funds management:
Managed in a segregated bank account
Bankruptcy compensation:
Full deposit compensation is not guaranteed

(*1)The timing for paying or receiving the funding fee, which is a cost to anchor the market price to the spot price.

(*2)The amount of maintenance margin is not fixed and typically equals to 0.5% of the value of the position held. When a liquidation occurs, the amount of maintenance margin will be added to the Insurance Fund.

(*3)Only available under Hedge Mode. Not permitted under One-Way Mode.

(*4)Losses will be covered by the Insurance Fund or the Auto-Deleverage system.

Conditions for Each Account Type

Trading platform:
Original tool
Brokerage model:
P2P trading
Spread method:
Variable spreads
Trading account currency:
Maximum leverage:
1:150 etc.(*1)
Initial minimum deposit:
Varies by product and deposit mothod
Lot size:
1 unit
Minimum order size:
Varies by product
Maximum order size:
Varies by product
Maximum open orders:
Varies by product(*3)
[CFD/Cryptocurrencies]: approximately 230(*3)
Available trading hours:
(365 days) 24 hours
Transaction fees:
[Taker] 0.06% [Maker] 0.02%(*4)
Account maintenance fee:
Holding multiple accounts:

(*1)For USDT Perpetual Contract.

(*2)For inverse contracts, deposit either BTC, ETH, XRP or EOS as margin.

(*3)Risk Limit sets the maximum position value that can be held for each crypto. There is also the open interest limit, which means, you can only hold a certain percentage (usually 10% for BTCUSDT) of the open positions on the entire platform.

(*4)For general users.

(*5)Holding multiple accounts is only permitted for the purpose of carrying out a trading strategy. Holding multiple accounts to earn bonuses is a violation.

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