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Titan FX

Titan FX is a Vanuatu-based Forex broker founded in 2014, with the slogan "The industry's lowest spread". It is rapidly gaining fame and popularity, especially among scalping traders. The biggest feature of Titan FX is favorable trading conditions, and the most attractive point is the highly competitive spread.

Another attractive aspect of Titan FX is its favorable leverage conditions. It is possible to trade with high leverage up to 1:500 for Forex and CFD, and since the zero cut method without additional margin is implemented, it is possible to realize maximal financial efficiency while ensuring safety. Furthermore, even if the balance or position increases, the leverage does not decrease, so it is popular with traders who want to deposit a large amount of money and trade with high leverage.

There are three types of accounts provided by Titan FX: Standard and Micro accounts with the STP method and Blade accounts with the ECN method. Blade account is the most popular account for scalping. The average spread of Blade account is USD/JPY 0.3pips and EUR/USD 0.3pips, with a transaction fee of $ 3.5 (USD) per lot, which is one of the reasons why Titan FX is popular among scalping traders.

The Micro account, introduced in February 2023, allows trading with 100 units of currency, which is smaller than the minimum trade size of other accounts, 1,000 units. This means you can trade with less funds and lower risk.

The lack of any bonuses or incentives used to be pointed out as a downside of Titan FX, but since 2022, promotions have been held on a regular basis. It is still sporadic, and the offerings are still not as good as those of brokers whose bonuses are their selling points. However, Titan FX is one of the rare brokers that balances promotions and a high level of trading environment.

As for support, live chat and LINE chat are available 24/7, creating a safe and friendly environment not only for experienced spread-oriented traders but also for beginner users.

Titan FX has a relatively small number of CFD instruments, but at the end of 2020, it strengthened its stock index lineup and started handling the dollar index, VIX index (fear index), precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and soft commodities such as cotton and coffee, making Titan FX even more attractive.

Official Website


  1. Support chat is available 365 days 24 hours
  2. Small spreads
  3. High leverage for CFD products up tp 1:500
  4. No leverage limits by balance


  1. No trust protection

Operating Company

Company name:
Titan FX Limited
Head office address:
1st Floor, Govant Building, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Financial supervisor:
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) license number 40313
[Goliath Trading Limited] Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA) license number SD138
[Titan Markets] The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC) license number GB20026097

Customer Service

Website language:
[Asia] Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean
[Europe and America] English, Spanish, Portuguese
Trading platform:
English support:
Email, Support chat, Phone
Business hours:

[Email/Chat support] 365 days 24 hours
[Phone support] 1:00 am - 0:00am (Server time)
[LINE chat support] 365 days 24 hours(*1)

Email address:
[email protected]
Phone number:
(+678) 27-502

(*1)Add "@titanfxjp" as a friend to get support

Trading Rules

Roll over:
0:00 (Server time)
Margin call:
When the margin maintenance rate falls below 90%
Loss cut:
When the margin maintenance rate falls below 20%
Matched order:
EA restrictions:
Request for additional margin:
None (If the margin becomes negative, zero cut will be performed)
Funds management:
Managed in a segregated bank account
Bankruptcy compensation:
Full deposit compensation is not guaranteed

(*1)Matched orders between multiple accounts are prohibited.

Conditions for Each Account Type

Trading platform:
MetaTrader4/5, Titan FX Social
Brokerage model:
[Standard, Micro] STP method
[Blade] ECN method
Spread method:
Variable spreads
Trading account currency:
Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro, Singapore Dollar
Maximum leverage:
[Standard, Blade] 1:500
[Micro] 1:1,000
Initial minimum deposit:
$ 200 (USD)
Lot size:
[Standard, Blade] 100,000 units
[Micro] 1,000 units
Minimum order size:
[Standard, Blade] 0.01 lot
[Micro] 0.1 lot
Maximum order size:
100 lots
Maximum open orders:
20,000 lots

[FX/Currency Pair]: 59(*1)
[CFD/Indices]: 20(*3)
[CFD/Cryptocurrencies]: 50(*5)
[CFD/Stock]: 144(*6)
[CFD/Soft commodities]: 8(*7)

Available trading hours:

Monday 0:01 am - Friday 11:55 pm (Server time)

Transaction fees:
[Standard, Micro] None
[Blade] $ 3.5 (USD)(*8)
Account maintenance fee:
Holding multiple accounts:
GMT time difference:
[MT4/MT5] Daylight saving time: +3 hours, Winter time: +2 hours

(*1)34 FX/Currency Pairs are tradeable with Micro account.

(*2)2 CFD/Metals are tradeable with Micro account.

(*3)CFD/Indices cannot be traded with Micro account.

(*4)CFD/Energy cannot be traded with Micro account.

(*5)1 CFD/Cryptocurrency is tradeable with Micro account and cannot be traded with MT4/Micro account.

(*6)CFD/Stock cannot be traded with MT4 and Micro accounts.

(*7)CFD/Soft commodities cannot be traded with Micro account.

(*8)The fee is per order (One way).

Official Website
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