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  1. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news USD/JPY Price Analysis: Climbs steadily above 157.00
  2. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news NZD/JPY Price Analysis: Buyers defend 20-day SMA despite consolidation
  3. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Fed's Goolsbee: European rate cuts could bolster the US Dollar
  4. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Dow Jones Industrial Average attempts meager recovery on Friday
  5. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Australian Dollar extends losses ahead of RBA decision
  6. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Mexican Peso weakens amid judiciary reform concerns, Fed's hawkish hold
  7. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Fed's Mester: Probably won't get to 2.0% inflation until 2026
  8. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news Canadian Dollar brushes off low-tier data misses to find mild recovery on Friday
  9. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news US Dollar strength continues as market adjusts to Consumer Sentiment collapse
  10. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news EUR/GBP rebounds from 0.8400, but remains sharply lower
  11. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news GBP/USD Price Analysis: Bearish harami confirmed as Pound slumps below 1.2700
  12. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news EUR/JPY tracks lower on French election fears and BoJ ending QE
  13. 2024.06.15 (News) Breaking news USD/CAD: Trades sideways in the mid-1.3700 area - Scotiabank
  14. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news GBP/USD: Softer as it falls through key support - Scotiabank
  15. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news EUR/USD: Potential bullish hammer to give spot a lift - Scotiabank
  16. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news Bank of England set to lay groundwork for an August cut - Danske Bank
  17. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news Silver Price Forecast: XAG/USD holds key support of $29 as cooler US CPI boosts Fed rate-cut bets
  18. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news The post OPEC+ sell-off is finally going away - TDS
  19. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news Copper loses positions amid increasing inventory levels - TDS
  20. 2024.06.14 (News) Breaking news Gold rushes up on weak US CPI and less hawkish Fed - TDS


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