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Land-FX is a Forex broker established in 2013 and is the official sponsor of the German soccer club FSV Mainz 05.

Currently operating under the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG, IBC) license, support is available by phone, email, and chat, and callbacks can be requested for support calls.

Land-FX offers four account types: Standard, Prime, ECN, and Islamic accounts. All account types, except ECN accounts, allow unlimited leverage without conditions when the account balance is less than $ 1,000(USD).

Standard account, the most basic account of Land-FX, has a minimum deposit of $ 10(USD). It is one of the very few Forex brokers that have the stop out level at 0% and unlimited leverage, which allows you to make the most of the funds in your account.

Prime account offers a minimum deposit of $ 300(USD), unlimited leverage, and zero trading commission. Although the minimum deposit is set higher than the Standard account, the spread is smaller instead, such as EUR/USD 0.5pips and USD/JPY 0.5pips. If you can deposit more than $ 300(USD)in one lump sum, the Prime account is a better deal.

ECN account is designed for experienced traders with an initial deposit of $ 1,000(USD). However, the 0.3 pips trading commission is relatively low compared to the same account type of the other brokers, and the leverage is up to 1:1,000. As spreads are smaller than the other account types, this is the best account type in terms of trading costs and is ideal for spread-focused traders. You can also trade every instrument on the ECN account.

Islamic account has the same trading conditions as the Standard account, but it is a swap-free account intended for Muslims. You need to submit additional documents to use this account.

It also offers Express account, which allows you to start trading without ID verification. You can start trading immediately with the same trading conditions as the Standard account, although it is only for one month and the maximum deposit is $ 3,000(USD). If you submit identification documents within one month, you can keep using the account as a Standard account.

Bonus programs are not offered by Land-FX. Also, stop levels are still in place at Land-FX, while many brokers have removed them, so scalpers and those who use scalping Expert Advisor(EA)should beware.

By discontinuing the bonus programs, Land-FX has seemingly reoriented itself to improve the trading conditions. It is gradually attracting the attention of traders as an international Forex broker that offers flexible services tailored to the needs of its clients.

Official Website


  1. Small spreads
  2. Callback support service available
  3. Copy trading is possible with the PAMM system


  1. Hard to get chat support
  2. Few CFD products

Operating Company

Company name:
Land Prime Ltd.
Head office address:
Glenville Drive, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Financial license:
St. Vincent and the Grenadines(SVG, IBC)

Customer Service

Website language:

【Asia】Thai・Vietnamese・Korean・Japanese・Hindi・Malaysian・Simplified Chinese・Tagalog・Indonesian・Bengali・Laotian・Cambodian
【Europe and America】German・Greek・Spanish・Italian・Dutch・Finnish・French・Ukrainian・Russian・Norwegian・Danish・Swedish・Romanian
【Middle East・Africa】Jamaican・Turkish・Arabic

Trading platform:
English support:
Email・Support Chat
Business hours:
(Weekdays)24 hours
Email address:
[email protected]
Phone number:

Trading Rules

Roll over:
Daylight saving time:8:59 pm, Winter time:9:59 pm(Server time)
Margin call:
【Standard・Prime・Islamic】When the margin maintenance rate falls below 30% 
【ECN】When the margin maintenance rate falls below 50%
Loss cut:
【Standard・Prime・Islamic】When the margin maintenance rate falls below 0% 
【ECN】When the margin maintenance rate falls below 30%
Matched order:
EA restrictions:
Request for additional margin:
None(If the margin becomes negative, zero cut will be performed)
Funds management:
Managed in a segregated bank account
Bankruptcy compensation:
Full deposit compensation is not guaranteed

(*1)Matched orders between multiple accounts are prohibited.

Conditions for Each Account Type

Trading platform:
Brokerage model:
【Standard・Prime・Islamic】STP method 
【ECN】ECN method
Spread method:
Variable spreads
Trading account currency:
Japanese Yen・Euro・US Dollar
Maximum leverage:


Initial minimum deposit:

【Standard・Islamic】$ 10(USD) 
【Prime】$ 300(USD) 
【ECN】$ 1,000(USD)

Lot size:
100,000 units
Minimum order size:
0.01 lot
Maximum order size:
30 lots
Maximum open orders:
100 lots

【FX/Currency Pair】:65 

Available trading hours:

【Daylight saving time】:(Sunday)9:05 pm - (Friday)9:00 pm(Server time)
【Winter time】:(Sunday)10:05 pm - (Friday)10:00 pm(Server time)

Transaction fees:
【ECN】$ 3(USD)(*3)
Account maintenance fee:
Holding multiple accounts:
GMT time difference:
【MT4/MT5】Daylight saving time:+1 hour, Winter time:±0 hour

(*1)CFD/Energy cannot be traded with ECN account.

(*2)CFD/Indices cannot be traded with ECN account.

(*3)The fee is per order(One way).

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